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Applied Science

18. 09. 20
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Mr. Charles Chivatsi

Head of Department









The Applied Sciences Department has five (5) sections namely; Applied Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmaceutical Technology and Science Laboratory Technology. Currently the Department offers certificate and diploma courses in some of the sections. With the recent elevation to a National Polytechnic, the department will expand the academic programmes and also offer Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Engineering, Food Science Technology, Petroleum Geosciences, Chemical Engineering and Environmental Science and Technology. The Kabete National Polytechnic will soon offer degree programmes in collaboration with recognised universities.


The department has a current capacity of 600 students. With the introduction of the new programmes, the department will have an expanded student capacity of about 2000.

The department has aligned its training programmes with Technical and Vocational, Education and Training (TVET) and the Vision 2030 strategic thinking.


The Department has five state of the art laboratories. More laboratories will soon be constructed and equipped to meet the strategic expansion of the department to reflect the current status.

The department has sufficient lecture rooms and qualified teaching and non-teaching staff.

Internet facilities are available for learning and research.


Artisan In Food And Beverage
bridging in maths,biology,chemistry,physics
Certificate In Catering And Accomodation
Certificate In Food And Beverage
Certificate In Food Science and Processing
Certificate In Medical Laboratory
Applied Sciences
Certificate In Nutrition And Dietetics
Certificate In Oil And Gas Geophysical
Applied Sciences
Certificate In Science Laboratory
Applied Sciences
Diploma In Analytical Chemistry
Diploma In Applied Biology
Diploma In Catering And Accommodation
Diploma In Catering And Accomodation
Diploma In Food And Beverage
diploma in food and beverage module 2
Diploma In Food Science and Processing
Diploma In Geophysical Technology
Diploma in Health Records
Diploma In Medica Laboratory Technology
Diploma In Medical Engineering
Diploma In Medical Laboratory Technology
Diploma In Nutrition And Dietetics
Diploma In Oil And Gas Technology
Diploma In Pharmaceutical Technology
Parallel Science Laboratory Technology
part time certificate in science laboratory
Applied Sciences
Part Time Diploma In Applied Biology
Soap Making
Social Work And Community Development
Upgrading Certificate In Medical Laboratory
Upgrading Diploma In Medical Laborotary